3-4 Years Old: Understanding Child Development and Proper Guidance

09 March 2022

The ages of three and four are a time of expansion and change in child development. Providing the proper opportunities for growth in all areas of their life allows them to reach their full potential. It also helps get them ready for the upcoming school years. Here are some of the important milestones that children experience between three and four years old.


Physical Independence

At this age, pre-schoolers are gaining more physical independence. They are learning new physical skills. Children of this age enjoy running, climbing, kicking a ball, hopping, and practising balancing on one foot. They also begin developing more refined fine motor skills like how to hold a pencil, dress and undress, or unscrew a lid from a jar. Providing opportunities for them to practice these skills and learn new ones is important to this stage of development.


Emotional Development

This is also an important time in emotional development for the child. At this stage, the child begins to realize that they have different emotions and that they are their own. They begin to know the difference between feeling sad, angry, afraid, or happy. They will show affection for those who are familiar, and they might have fears over imaginary things. Being in an environment with other children their same age can help them see that others experience these same feelings, too.


Early Friendships

The preschool years are an important time for developing early friendships. They begin to learn the social rules of interaction, like sharing, turn-taking, and appropriate social skills. Children of this age will engage in imaginative play and role-playing to explore social roles. Allowing them to have opportunities for group social skills and play is the perfect setting for development in a supervised environment.


Memory and Cognitive Skills

Memory and cognitive skills take a big leap during this time of development. Children become fascinated with the world around them and begin asking questions to try to understand everything they see, feel, and hear. They begin expanding their vocabulary, using more complex sentences, and learning the fundamentals of numbers and ABCs. They are curious and providing opportunities to explore in more than one environment promotes cognitive development.

Gower Street Kindergarten Centre is located in Preston, Victoria. We pride ourselves in offering children are a wealth of learning opportunities to help them grow. We offer large indoor and outdoor areas where children can explore in a setting that encourages individual exploration and the development of social skills. We have programmes for children beginning the ages of three and five, so if you are looking for new opportunities for your child to prepare them for the road ahead, contact us, and we will be happy to allow you to explore the opportunities we have to offer.