Creative Arts in Kindergarten Classrooms: Fostering Artistic Ingenuity

11 April 2024

Unleash your child’s creativity with our creative arts in kindergarten program at Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston, VIC. Contact us now to learn more! Art and creativity are fundamental aspects of our lives, permeating everything from our entertainment choices to our educational experiences. In early childhood education, the significance of creative arts, particularly in kindergarten, cannot be overstated. Delve into the many ways creative arts in kindergarten and early elementary school settings can cultivate and nurture your child’s unique creative expression. Importance of Creative Arts in Kindergarten In kindergarten, creative arts play a pivotal role in fostering holistic development. Through […]

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Kindergarten Emotional Intelligence: Teaching Empathy from the Start

27 March 2024

Nurture kindergarten emotional intelligence from day one with a purpose-built kindergarten centre in Preston, Gower Street Kindergarten. Contact us now! In the formative years of a child’s development, kindergarten plays a crucial role in shaping their social and emotional skills. While academic learning is important, fostering emotional intelligence, particularly empathy, is equally vital for a child’s overall growth and well-being. By teaching empathy from an early age, we equip our little ones with the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, laying the foundation for healthy relationships and successful interactions throughout their lives. Understanding Emotional Intelligence in Kindergarten […]

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Kindergarten Physical Education: The Importance of Play-Based Learning

13 March 2024

Unlock the power of play-based learning in kindergarten physical education. Foster holistic development with Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston. Call us! Physical education is a vital part of the kindergarten curriculum. But traditional PE approaches that emphasise skill-building and technique can be inappropriate for our littlest learners. That’s why play-based learning has become an increasingly popular way to deliver PE in kindergarten. Play-based PE aligns with how children naturally learn best at this age. The goal is to develop foundational physical literacy and motor skills through active play. Structured lessons take a backseat to games, movement exploration, and imaginative play. […]

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Kindergarten Cognition: Laying the Groundwork for Academic Achievement

27 February 2024

Explore the pivotal role of kindergarten cognition in shaping academic success with Gower Street Kindergarten. Call 03 9478 5374 today for more enquiries! The early childhood years, especially the critical kindergarten year, represent a vital period for cognitive development. Gower Street Kindergarten utilises evidence-based approaches in our classrooms to build foundation skills that support later academic success. Read on to learn more about early cognitive growth and how our kindergarten program fosters the abilities children need to thrive in primary school and beyond. What is Cognition, and Why is it Important? Cognition refers to brain-based skills that enable learning, problem-solving, […]

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Kindergarten Schooling and How Educational Games Enhance Learning

12 February 2024

Explore the impact of educational games in kindergarten schooling through engaging activities with Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston. Call (03) 9478 5374. Kindergarten is a critical phase in a child’s education, where they begin to develop essential skills and a love for learning. Traditionally, learning in kindergarten has predominantly been teacher-led, but in recent years, the integration of educational games has gained popularity. With the help of our educators at Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston, let’s explore the benefits of educational games in kindergarten schooling and how they enhance learning for young children. •  It Makes Children Percipient – Engaging […]

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