Kindergarten Math Curriculum: 6 Essential Math Concepts for Kids

25 January 2024

Teaching math to kids from a very young age is important because it is used in many areas of our daily lives. How good a child is at math in kindergarten can tell you a lot about how good they will be at reading and math later on. This means that kindergarten is a great time to start teaching kids basic math ideas that will help them become interested in it as they get older. Let’s talk about the math concepts that kindergarteners usually learn. This will give parents a comprehensive understanding of what kindergarteners learn in math. •  Numbers […]

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Language Development in Kindergarten: Building Blocks of Communication

09 January 2024

Build your child’s communication skills with language development in kindergarten from Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston, Victoria. Call 03 9478 5374. The early years of a child’s education are a critical period for language development. Kindergarten serves as the foundational stage where the building blocks of communication are laid, setting the stage for a child’s future academic success and social interactions. Let’s explore the significance of language development in kindergarten and highlight how our dedicated educators at Gower Street Kindergarten play a pivotal role in fostering this essential skill. Cognitive Growth and Academic Preparedness Language development in kindergarten forms the […]

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Kindergarten-Ready Skills: What Your Child Should Know Before School

08 December 2023

Prepare your child with kindergarten-ready skills that they should know before starting school at Gower Street Kindergarten Centre. Call (03) 9478 5374. Sending your child off to kindergarten is a significant milestone in their early education journey. To ensure a smooth transition and a strong start in school, it’s essential to equip them with the right skills. Kindergarten is more than just playtime; it’s a foundational step in their academic and social development. Here are six crucial kindergarten-ready skills that will help your child thrive in their new learning environment: 1. Social Skills – Kindergarten is often the first time […]

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Childcare Centre in Preston: Kindergarten Readiness with Gower Street Kindergarten Centre

07 December 2023

Prepare your child for kindergarten at Gower Street Kindergarten Centre, a trusted childcare centre in Preston. Call (03) 9478 5374 to learn more details. Ensuring your child is well-prepared for the transition to kindergarten is a significant milestone in their educational journey. At Gower Street Kindergarten Centre in Preston, we understand the importance of kindergarten readiness. Let’s discuss some essential ways in which we help your child become kindergarten-ready through our nurturing and educational programs. Early Learning Curriculum At Gower Street Kindergarten Centre, we provide a comprehensive early learning programme designed to cultivate your child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. […]

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Kindergarten School in Preston: A Focus on Intellectual Development for Early Learners

20 November 2023

Gower Street Kindergarten Centre is a kindergarten school in Preston that prioritises intellectual development for early learners. Call (03) 9478 5374. As parents, one of the most important decisions we make is selecting the right educational environment for our children. When it comes to early learning, Gower Street Kindergarten stands out as a leading Kindergarten School in Preston that places a strong emphasis on nurturing intellectual development in young learners. Our dedicated team and innovative approach create an enriching environment where children can thrive academically and socially. • Holistic Curriculum for Intellectual Growth – At Gower Street Kindergarten, intellectual development […]

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