Our Team

Rachelle Robertson

Possums Group Educator

Rachelle Robertson is a very valued member of our team. Rachelle is a member of our local community. She has advanced in her Early Childhood Career through her student placements at the kinder and relief work. She now has both her Certificate 111 and Diploma in Children’s Services and is both co-educator in the 3 year old Joey Group and 4 year old Possum Group.

Maria Tsaroumis

Service Director

Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader & Possum Group Teacher

Maria Tsaroumis has her Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies. She has a progressive experience in Early Childhood Education since 2005. Maria has been teaching at this kinder since 2017. Her professional history includes positions such as an Early Childhood educator in both the 3-year-old and 4-year-old age groups as well as Educator leader, and Certified Supervisor in different Kindergartens. She really enjoys educating young children as she believes they are our future. She has a strong belief that the first teacher of a child is their parents and immediate family. She likes to work together with the families to achieve the best possible outcome for the child.

Nikki Wheeler

Joey & Kookaburra Group Educator

Nikki completed her Certificate 111 and her Diploma in Children’s Services in 2016 and is our 3-Year-Old Activity Group Leader as well as a Co-educator in the 4-year-Old Group.

Nikki is fluent in Greek and has built a great rapport with our Kinder Families. She is dedicated and passionate teacher in our centre.

Michelle Ericson

Joey & Kookaburra Group Teacher

Michelle Ericson has a Bachelor of Education Early Childhood and Primary and has been teaching in Early Childhood and Primary settings for 6 years. She has a passion for wildlife and environmental education which she has explored while volunteering with the Education team and Wildlife hospital at Healesville Sanctuary.

All staff are:

Trained in Epilepsy Management through the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria.

Trained in Diabetes Awareness in schools and early childhood settings through Diabetes Australia.

Trained in both CPR and how to provide first aid management of anaphalaxis.

Trained in food handling (food safety practices).