5 Effective Strategies to Help Your Kindergartner Stay on Task

08 August 2022

Early childhood educators and parents play an important role in giving kindergartners under their care high-quality learning through providing creative kindergarten programs that are best suited to their individual needs and their age. However, one challenging aspect of attending to a kindergartner is managing their behaviour and keeping their attention on a particular task. This is not an easy task, knowing that the average duration of a child’s attention space ranges from two to five minutes. And it would also have to depend on the nature of the task and other variables. So, to make it less daunting, here are the 5 effective strategies to help your kindergartner stay on task.

Observe and Know Your Child

One effective strategy to help your kindergartner stay on task is to observe and know the child first. Educating yourself about the recent development of your kindergartner is crucial to understanding their behaviour. The first thing for you to know is that the younger the child, the shorter the attention span. Also, children vary at different times of the day, thus, you need to observe what time of day your kindergartner’s best time to focus. So that you will not have a hard time keeping them on task.

Eliminate Distractions

Technology is your enemy when it comes to keeping your kindergartner to stay on task. So, if you are giving your child a particular task, make sure to hide all the gadgets and stay away from the TV since gadgets and TV are a massive distraction for kindergartners. Therefore, if you want to help your kindergartner stay on task, make sure to eliminate the visual distractions and limit their screen time.

Be Nearby

Another effective strategy to help your kindergartner stay on task, be nearby. Kindergarteners tend to focus more when they are working with people that are closest to them. Thus, working together with your kindergarten helps you to help them focus more and stay on task. Assisting them while doing a particular task, will also help you as a parent, to understand what interests them the most and what they like to do. In this way, you can engage them on what interests them as their attention break to train them and condition their brain to understand what focus and attention look like.

Make it One Task at a Time

Kindergartners tend to get bored easily, thus, making them focus on one task at a time to avoid overwhelming them with strings of tasks. Letting them do and complete one activity at a time can greatly help them learn the ability to organise their thoughts very well, controls their emotions efficiently and strategically conclude the task at hand easily.

Set a Routine

To help your kindergartner stay on task, try setting a routine. Allotting a specific schedule and communicating it beforehand with your kindergartner, helps you to make them understand that the allocated schedule for activities and homework should be a no-screen time and should be allotted to completing an assigned task. Setting a routine is proven an effective way to condition the brains of young minds than having a messy schedule.

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