The Importance of Equality and Diversity Education in Kindergarten

02 December 2019

Equality and diversity education in kindergarten is important for a number of reasons. The world is a mixture of nationalities and different people. Not all of us are the same, but we are all equal. Children should understand this from an early age for their own self-esteem. In addition, teaching diversity and equality helps children treat each other with respect regardless of their nationalities or other differences. In the following information, are the ideals that children will learn through the educators concentrating on diversity and equality. Instils a Sense of Belonging When the educators teach that all children are equal, […]

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10 Things About Kindergarten You Need to Know Now

22 November 2019

Unknown to many, the kindergarten stage is one of the most vital stages in your child’s life. This is the time wherein getting to know the child’s abilities, interests and learning styles are deemed crucial in order to cater to their educational needs. Luckily, here are the ten most essential things about kindergarten that you need to know. Necessary Adjustments and Preparations Before sending your kid into an unfamiliar territory, you should first start making the necessary adjustments to prepare your child for what’s to come once he sets foot on the kindergarten. There are certain steps that will help […]

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Why Kindergarten Is a Critical Stage in Your Child’s Development

04 November 2019

Generally speaking, what happens to a child during their developing years greatly contributes to their overall well-being and principles. The things they sense and learn from those years have a huge influence in their future behaviour. Each stage of child development acts a timeline to better describe the common manifestations of growth as theorized by several experts. Early childhood is one of the most important stages due to the number of growth aspects it can present. A part of early childhood years is the kindergarten stage. Below are the reasons why kindergarten is such a critical stage in your child’s […]

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Kindergarten Benefits to Children’s Future Academic Success

22 October 2019

Gower Street Kindergarten is an innovative, purpose-built centre for modern early childhood education. This inspiring program is designed for three and four-year-old children in an environment that is created to offer these children numerous diverse learning opportunities and experiences. The centre provides spacious indoor and outdoor areas in which children can play, explore, and learn new skills without crowding one another’s space or experiences. Settings and materials are altered gradually during the year to present each child with new options and challenges. The programs offered at this innovative centre for early childhood development and learning invite every child to enter […]

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Important Tips to Help Your Child Attend Kindergarten for the First Time

11 October 2019

One of the most important milestones for children is their first day at kindergarten. Even though this is an exciting step in the growth of your child, it can be wrought with stress for both you and him or her. Routines must change to ensure that your child arrives at kindergarten on time along with the fact that your child will need to learn different behavioural and social habits, and new skills. While you cannot prepare your child for everything he or she will experience at kindergarten, you can do the following things to prepare your child for his or […]

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