Different Hands-On Learning Activities For Your Kindergartners

28 June 2022

Preparing and educating your kindergartner to slowly prepare them for the higher academic requirement can be challenging but is all worth it when you see them excel academically in the years to come. It is highly recommended that you constantly encourage your small children to engage in hands-on learning activities for them to be able to increase their retention and help them practice problem-solving and critical thinkingwhile still having fun.To help you with this vital task, here are the different hands-on learning activities we have especially outlined for your kindergartners to achieve a meaningful but fun learning process.

Categorising and Sorting Beans

Hands-on learning activities are another way to help children to learn on their own. One hands-on learning activity for your kindergartner to try is the categorising and sorting of beans. This type of hands-on learning activity promotes stronger critical thinking skills and build problem-solving skill. Participatory activities like this are very essential to engage their mind. It likewise enables active participation in solving problems on their own while still having fun.

Sharing Family Stories

Allowing children to tell tales on their own helpsenhance your kindergartner’s creative development, kindergarten schools and teachers need to conduct engaging activities that both integrate creativity and self-expression. Constantly encouraging your kindergartners to engage in impromptu speaking and creative plays helps them find their true sense of identity and teaches them to express themselves comfortably and freely.

Make A Personalised Placemat

Hands-on learning activities are not all about academics and no pay. It is a combination of both. Another way to engage them in hands-on learning activities is to let them make a personalised placemat. This specific hands-on learning activity lets you help your kindergarten learn how to read and write and discover these skills on their own.

Create A Story Map

The creation of a story map is a hands-on learning activity that you should try for your kindergartners. Letting them do the sequencing of events from the beginning until the end of a story promotes better memory since they will be able to recall some events to complete the story map.

Counting Coins

Letting your kindergartner count coins and dimes, allows them to learn how to count. Teaching your small children to count is a crucial step to preparing them for bigger math problem-solving in the future. Making them acquire this important skill by engaging them in this hands-on learning activity help them learn one of the most important life skills. Counting will also be a part of their grown-up life, starting them at such a young age can go a long way.

Making an Analog Clock

Experiential or hands-on learning is indeed a form of education in which your kindergarten can learn by doing. One way to engage them in such a kind of activity is to let them make an analog clock on their own not just to showcase their creativity but will likewise help them learn time concepts and read the time accurately by themselves.

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