How to Improve Your Kindergartner’s Focus in School

10 October 2022

It is normal for children of all grade levels to struggle with staying focused. Whether it’s trying to pay attention in class or having difficulty finishing homework projects, focus issues can significantly impact a student’s performance.

There are numerous reasons students fail to focus on school, ranging from lack of comprehension to organisational issues. The good news is that with the right goals and structure, you can help your child increase his or her focus and concentration. Follow these few tips to help your child focus better in school.

Manage and Limit Distractions

You won’t always be able to eliminate distractions, so teach your child how to deal with them. When your child becomes distracted, help them create methods to refocus on the activity at hand. When your child is having difficulty concentrating, urge them to stand up and take a little break from what they are doing. When your child is distracted in class and cannot get up, something as simple as closing their eyes and taking a few deep breaths can help redirect the mind.

Tackle One Thing at a Time

Multitasking is not many students’ friend. Any momentum gained by switching tasks is lost. Teach your child to focus on one task at a time rather than juggling many tasks. This will assist your child in concentrating on what is in front of him or her rather than attempting to think about too many things at once.

Breaking down large tasks into smaller activities might help enhance focus by making things easier to handle. Trying to do too much at once will lead to boredom and distraction. By breaking things down, your child will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and a sense of success when completed. That accomplishment can be a huge motivator!

Encourage Your Child to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness entails paying attention to the current moment while acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. When your child is becoming distracted, urge him or her to take a 5-minute break to sit quietly and reflect. Allow your child to think about what is distracting him or her and how to refocus on the work at hand during this time.

Encourage Your Child to Sit Infront of The Classroom

The classroom is full of distractions that can interfere with your child’s concentration. Encourage your child to sit at the front of the room so that he or she can concentrate on what the teacher is saying. Whether your child’s classroom has allocated seating, ask the teacher if he or she can be relocated closer to the front.

Play Attention-Building Games and Activities

Jigsaw and crossword puzzles are excellent activities for exercising your child’s brain outside the classroom. These activities necessitate problem-solving and focus, both of which your child may apply in the classroom and at home. They’re also a wonderful pastime for your child.

A child’s self-esteem can suffer when they struggle with focus or other skills. To promote focus, praise your child’s efforts. Highlight even little achievements. Also, let your child know that their focus skills can improve. With these tips, your child can improve their focus and get on track to success. And if they require additional assistance, Gower Street Kindergarten is here to assist! We are a kindergarten that has been purpose-built to give children a variety of learning possibilities. Feel free to check our PROGRAMME and Contact Us if you have any questions.