How to Motivate Your Child to Continue Learning

24 October 2022

Most successful students aren’t natural learners. Although a child’s willingness to learn and general attitude towards school and education are greatly influenced by individual personality, most children who are good learners have to work hard to become good learners at some point. More importantly, any student can become a good learner if they have the fundamental aptitude and the right kind of motivation.

The following are tried-and-true advice and tactics to encourage your child to learn. If you put them into practice correctly, you’ll see your child or student fall in love with learning.

Let Your Child Take the Lead

Some children only ever experience control when it comes to their education. Children frequently stop learning when they feel in control of, or out of control of, their education. Children should be led through the learning process, but they should also be free to choose how they want to learn. Whether at home or in the classroom, give kids the chance to influence their educational choices directly. Giving kids choices is a good way to achieve this.

We also advocate letting kids pick their own extracurricular pursuits. A child will be more engaged and motivated to learn if you can give them more control and input over their learning environment, activities, and style.

Put Your Child’s Interests First

Learning becomes enjoyable, and children become interested in it when it involves them in topics and areas they are interested in. Encourage your child to explore topics and subjects that pique their interest if you want to help them learn effectively. Find them engaging and fascinating books and stories about dinosaurs if your child enjoys them. Then ask your child to list their top five favourites and justifications for each.

Introduce and Promote Various Learning Styles

Each child has preferred learning methods and learning styles that work best for them. While some kids prefer to use a variety of learning styles, others have a dominant learning style. There isn’t always a single ideal learning method or combination of learning methods. However, you can employ strategies that will enhance your child’s learning rate and quality by assisting them in identifying their preferred learning styles.

Visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical (mathematical), social, and solitary are the seven basic learning styles. Children who are visual learners, for instance, learn best by observing how things function. On the other hand, auditory learners benefit most from listening to explanations when learning new things. It is beneficial to investigate and use various learning styles with young children.

No matter how small they may be, it’s crucial to acknowledge and applaud your child’s accomplishments. This is crucial for kindergarten students, who need constant encouragement to stay motivated to learn and push themselves to do better.

Luckily, our team at Gower Street Kindergarten has the right skills and strategies to help motivate your child to learn. Our environment is also designed to provide children with many different learning opportunities. We run programs for both 3-year-old and 4-year-old children. Check our PROGRAMME and contact us at (03) 9478 5374 today.