Important Tips to Help Your Child Attend Kindergarten for the First Time

11 October 2019

One of the most important milestones for children is their first day at kindergarten. Even though this is an exciting step in the growth of your child, it can be wrought with stress for both you and him or her. Routines must change to ensure that your child arrives at kindergarten on time along with the fact that your child will need to learn different behavioural and social habits, and new skills. While you cannot prepare your child for everything he or she will experience at kindergarten, you can do the following things to prepare your child for his or her first day.

Let Your Child Visit the Kindergarten before the First Day

Familiarise your child with the kindergarten prior to his or her first day. Take him or her with you to turn in the registration papers if at no other time. This allows the child to form a clear picture about what you tell him or her about kindergarten.

Set an Appropriate Bedtime Two Weeks Prior to Your Child Starting Kindergarten

Get your child accustom to the same bedtime each night at least the two weeks prior to the first day of kindergarten. He or she will not be as difficult to wake up on the day, and he or she will have sufficient energy to be alert that day.

Serve Healthy Foods Each Day and Limit Junk Food

Today, kindergartens concentrate on teaching good eating habits along with their other topics. For this reason, they ask that parents have their children bring only healthy food to eat for snacks and lunch. It is advisable to get your child used to eating fruits, sandwiches, vegetables, yoghurt, cheese, and other healthy food. Start limiting the lollies, chocolate, chips and other junk food at home to get your child used to this healthier menu if you haven’t already done so in your daily regimen.

Talk to Your Child about What to Expect at Kindergarten

Explain to your child about what to expect each day during kindergarten. Your child will not be as stressed on his or her first day this way.

Immunisations Should Be up to Date

Medical preparation also is important for your child attending kindergarten for the first time. Ensure that his or her immunisations are up to date far enough ahead of time that they have a chance to fully protect your child from day one.

For further important tips to help your child attend kindergarten for the first time, consult with the Gower Street Kindergarten Centre. Our goal is to provide each child the opportunity to explore and grow in an atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Also, we strive to deliver a sensational kindergarten program that is culturally enriched for children who are from three to five years old.