Kindergarten as a Stepping Stone Towards Progressive Learning Development

23 July 2021

Gower Street Kindergarten is an innovative, purpose-built centre for modern early childhood education. This inspiring program is designed for three and four-year-old children in an environment that is created to offer these children numerous diverse learning opportunities and experiences. The centre provides spacious indoor and outdoor areas in which children can play, explore, and learn new skills without crowding one another’s space or experiences. Settings and materials are altered gradually during the year to present each child with new options and challenges.

The programs offered at this innovative centre for early childhood development and learning invite every child to enter in and contribute to the planned experience. The GSK goal is to present a culturally enriching kindergarten program in regular sessions that engages and supports children of any and all abilities. The centre leaders and teachers have the vision of offering each child the opportunity and setting for personal growth and exploration of their identities within a supportive community that heralds and encourages diversity.

Children’s Progressive Learning Development

Effective Governance

When children learn to abide by rules, guidelines and set limitations in a group of their peers, they learn respect for controlling their own emotions and actions. They also learn to respect the need for the group as a whole to honour set rules and instructions given by their teachers. When children acquire an understanding of the need for rules and controlled behaviours in a positive, supportive atmosphere, they will not tend toward harbouring resentment of rules and regulations later in life. This will help them to succeed in their studies and careers without the hindrance of negative thoughts or reactions.

Positive Relationships Diversity

When young children are involved in a variety of positive relationships, they learn the great value and importance of recognising and respecting healthy diversity in life. When they experience positive interactions with one another and their teachers, and each of these experiences is different and involves very different people with diverse backgrounds, thoughts, desires and actions, children become accustomed to accepting the challenges and rewards of positive differences in all aspects of life.

Play-Based Learning

Children can learn and develop many skills through play-based learning. Their communications skills, motor abilities and interactive capacities as young human beings grow and flourish as they learn in a pleasurable, relaxed environment. While immersed in enjoying educational and skill-building games and activities, these youngsters also learn to recognize, accept and honour the feelings and wishes of others engaged in these same activities.

When you enroll your young child in the innovative program offered by Gower Street Kindergarten (GSK) Centre located in Preston, Victoria, your youngster will gain major and lasting benefits for educational pursuits and personal development. Our experienced staff is well-trained in all aspects of early childhood education and development, and the positive, supportive and inspiring environment of the overall GSK experience will remain with your child for a lifetime of positive personal growth, involvement, participation and enlightenment.