Kindergarten Focus: The Importance of Educators as Role Models for Children

11 May 2020

A role model is a person who we respect and look to for guidance. We will select different people throughout our lives to fulfil this purpose for us. The first role models for children include the educators who care for and teach them when still in kindergarten. So, how does an educator affect a child’s life?

Source of Inspiration

Educators inspire children to learn new skills. For example, they first teach children the alphabet, then the words, and finally the children are able to read the entire book back to them. Reading is a difficult task for children to accomplish, but with the help of the educator, they push on to excel in the end.

An Educator Provides Encouragement

Children experience highs and lows with learning. They feel a sense of self-satisfaction when they develop a new skill without problems. On other days, though, children can become discouraged when they have difficulty understanding and perfecting a skill. These are the days where educators can make a significant difference in the lives of children by patiently encouraging the children to move beyond the difficult moments. Educators should never lose patience with any child struggling to learn a skill.

A Teacher Instills Self-Confidence

Teachers need to praise the accomplishments of children as they progress through their learning experiences. By doing so, the educators will instill self-confidence in the children. Children need this even in their early years to avoid feeling inadequate in their performances. Positive reinforcement of their efforts from educators helps children develop a secure self-image.

Educators Teach Children How to Handle Social Problems

Educators teach children the best ways to deal with social problems when they are true role models. They need first to set the example with their own temperament and reactions to difficult situations for them to be able to guide the children effectively through various social issues the children face each day. The educators also should show the children how to resolve issues peacefully with others without resorting to undesirable behaviours such as yelling and hitting.

Teachers Show Children That Learning Is Enjoyable

Educators who are enthusiastic about teaching children show young ones that learning is enjoyable. They make each day an exciting and fun experience for every child in their care. Children will participate eagerly in all learning activities each day when educators present educational materials in this manner.