Kindergarten Schooling and How Educational Games Enhance Learning

12 February 2024

Kindergarten schooling

Explore the impact of educational games in kindergarten schooling through engaging activities with Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston. Call (03) 9478 5374.

Kindergarten is a critical phase in a child’s education, where they begin to develop essential skills and a love for learning. Traditionally, learning in kindergarten has predominantly been teacher-led, but in recent years, the integration of educational games has gained popularity. With the help of our educators at Gower Street Kindergarten in Preston, let’s explore the benefits of educational games in kindergarten schooling and how they enhance learning for young children.

•  It Makes Children Percipient – Engaging in games enhances kindergarteners’ awareness and attention. The fast-paced nature of games strengthens their brains, providing diverse visual experiences. This not only eases comprehension but also improves focus on tasks.

•  It Helps in Language and Communication Development – As children grow, their brains eagerly absorb new sights, words, and habits. Rapid adaptation occurs, especially in language development, emphasising the crucial role of reading. Gower Street Kindergarten incorporates engaging reading games, fostering a fun environment for kids to learn and enhance language and speaking skills effortlessly.

•  It Helps Boost the Capability to Solve Problems – Engaging in games at school enhances problem-solving skills for kindergarteners, fostering deeper thinking in math. This progression not only benefits their academic growth but also paves the way for more advanced education opportunities.

•  Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem – Digital game methods often receive criticism, particularly for their potential harm, as many children become engrossed in phone and computer games. However, incorporating games into regular lessons can significantly boost children’s self-esteem. Numerous studies indicate that integrating games into learning positively impacts kids’ emotions and sense of accomplishment. Interestingly, boys seem more inclined towards this positive influence than girls.

•  Teaches Children to Establish Bonds and Cooperate – Introducing games into the school environment provides children with opportunities for both independent and collaborative activities. This fosters better interpersonal relationships and teamwork skills. Engaging in games teaches them the values of fair play, sharing, and patiently taking turns, contributing to their overall development.

•  Makes Children Learn from Their Doings – In kindergarten, playing games is akin to studying any other subject in school. Games provide a unique learning experience where children learn through both victories and losses. In essence, this dynamic process helps kids develop problem-solving abilities and enhances their mental and social skills through various experiences, whether positive or challenging.

•  It Makes Children Determined and Ambitious – Participating in school games instils ambition and determination in children, fostering a heightened interest in learning. This increased engagement makes them more likely to participate actively and attentively during class activities.

At Gower Street Kindergarten, we understand the significance of educational games in enhancing kindergarten schooling. Our curriculum is designed to integrate educational games seamlessly, making learning a joyful and enriching experience for our students. Through our innovative approach, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning and nurture the holistic development of every child.