The Importance of Equality and Diversity Education in Kindergarten

02 December 2019

Equality and diversity education in kindergarten is important for a number of reasons. The world is a mixture of nationalities and different people. Not all of us are the same, but we are all equal. Children should understand this from an early age for their own self-esteem. In addition, teaching diversity and equality helps children treat each other with respect regardless of their nationalities or other differences. In the following information, are the ideals that children will learn through the educators concentrating on diversity and equality.

Instils a Sense of Belonging

When the educators teach that all children are equal, even with their differences, it instils a sense of belonging in each one. By doing this, children feel more secure not just in a kindergarten setting, but also out in the rest of the world. Children will lead the world one day and the ones who have a solid sense of belonging will be ahead of the pack.

Teaches Empathy for Others

Children learn to have empathy for others through understanding the fact that just because someone is different it does not make them less of a person. They begin to feel empathy for others who are in unfair situations due to their race or other uniqueness. When children grow compassionate in their early years, they are more likely to be so as adults. Instilling empathy in children at a young age will reduce the bullying so common with older children today.

Expands Children’s Thinking and Knowledge

Teaching the topics of diversity and equality expands children’s thinking and knowledge about the world in which they live each day. The results are that children will keep an open mind to others who grow up with different backgrounds than they do, whether it be for race, economic level, or other factors. They will have positive reactions to those with different ideas and beliefs instead of criticising those individuals.

Helps Children to Develop Self-Confidence

As children learn that they are important no matter what the background or situation, they develop a high level of self-esteem. With this, children also develop self-confidence to the point they stand up for themselves under difficult circumstances.

Educators Play a Crucial Role

Educators play an important part in creating a fairer society for the future. Through effective teaching measures, they guide the children to be empathetic, self-confident beings who understand that all types of people are equal and deserve respect. Kindergarten schools need to equip their educators with the proper training and teaching materials to accomplish this task.

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