Tips for Parents When Dealing with Kindergarten Temper Tantrums

12 December 2022

Does your kid scream, kick their feet, and throw themselves to the ground? Since all children occasionally have tantrums, you are not alone. Temper tantrums can be embarrassing and annoying, but with perseverance and patience, you can stop them. Kids throw tantrums to exert control over events or when they don’t know how to handle unpleasant feelings. Your child will learn that throwing tantrums won’t get them what they want when you use disciplining techniques. Here are some suggestions about how to handle kindergarten tantrums effectively.

Always Stay Calm

The easiest way to handle a tantrum is usually to maintain your composure. If you react angrily and loudly, your child may want to mimic your behaviour. Additionally, screaming at your child to settle down can make matters worse. Because being angry makes the situation more difficult for you and your child, you should first take time for yourself. When speaking, keep your voice level and calm.

Try to Ignore the Situation

Ignoring a tantrum intended to grab your attention is the best strategy unless the child is physically hurting himself or others. You won’t reinforce your child’s kindergarten behaviour if you entirely divert your focus. Instead, leave the room, set a timer for a few minutes, and come back to see how they’re doing.

Come Up with a Distraction

Children typically have a short attention span, making them easy to distract. If your child does not understand something, try shifting your focus and talking enthusiastically about a different choice. You could recommend ice cream, a different book, or a different location.

Never Give in to the Temper Tantrums

Make sure your child’s tantrums are ineffective; you must take control. For instance, if your child cries out in the store because they want something, resist the urge to give in. In the short term, things will be simpler if you give in since the tantrum will stop. However, it will just reinforce your child’s behaviour and teach them that throwing a fit is a good way to get what they want. Use your discretion when your child is at home and does not want to do something. Pulling out the plug rather than taking your child out of the water is the best action if they won’t get out of the bath on their own.

Children typically display tantrum-like behaviour. The methods mentioned above, however, can assist you in coping with the fits and reducing their frequency if you are consistent. Your objective will help your child develop socially acceptable coping mechanisms for strong emotions. Giving your kindergartener the skills to deal with emotions comes when you give them healthy ways to express their emotions. There will be fewer tantrums, and you will be a happy parent when your child is less frustrated and has more control. We at Gower Street Kindergarten want to emphasise that you are only human and that parenting involves making mistakes along the way.

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