Gower St. Kindergarten: How to Encourage Your Kindergartener’s Mathematical Thinking?

12 April 2023

Do you want to encourage your kindergartener’s mathematical thinking and assist them in maintaining their skills, but you want to avoid coming across as nagging or assigning homework? There are other methods to practise math besides doing worksheets at the kitchen table. There are many different ways to practise math skills. Continue reading to learn how you can encourage your child’s mathematical thinking in your daily life.

Math in Your Kindergartener’s Daily Life

Math is used every time we organise objects, read a map, compare prices, measure ingredients for a dish, or utilise a calendar. You can go over these exercises with your kids and ask them to participate. Your child learns valuable lessons in mathematical thinking and best practices when you speak out loud, make assumptions, correct errors, or try more than one approach to a problem. There are numerous strategies to make math fun for your child.

What Math Activities Can You and Your Child do Together?

The following are some fun activities you can do with your kids. They are easy strategies to prevent summer learning loss or simply teach your child to value math in daily life.

  • Ask your kid to calculate how much food to split or how many slices of pizza, sandwiches, or cakes there will be.
  • Let your child assist with cooking by measuring ingredients and monitoring cooking temperatures and durations. Older children can also modify recipes.
  • Let your child assist you in the grocery store by examining and comparing prices, weights, and quantities. Let them use a calculator to compare prices and keep track of the whole cost of your purchase.
  • Once you have paid the cashier at the grocery store or restaurant, have your child calculate the amount of change you will get.
  • Observe large and small numbers in periodicals and newspapers and have your child practise reading them. Create a simple treasure hunt for your child if you’re feeling adventurous. For example, ask them to find a four-digit number, a fraction, a temperature above 70 degrees, a bar graph, a store with more than 15% sales, etc.
  • Have your child classify and graph their daily tasks, earnings, and purchases. Along with making surveys for family and friends, your child can graph the results and discuss them. Even with a kindergartener, graphing activities are possible!
  • Choose pictures or objects that come in sets with your child, such as batteries that come in packages of four, and ask them to calculate how many there would be in many packages.
  • Connect mathematics and your interests, such as sports and the stock market. You can share scores, timetables, and graphs from the daily news with your kids.
  • Kids should be encouraged to create their own arithmetic practice activities.
  • Create art projects that incorporate geometry, patterns, and measurement. Math abilities are needed for tessellations, mosaics, origami, quilting, and more. Do you remember making paper snowflakes by folding them? Even so, it’s a fantastic way to discover symmetry.

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